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Ginkgo biloba/Maidenhair Tree seed

Prices for the 2012 crop are as follows,

5 Seeds £0.99
10 Seeds £1.65
25 Seeds £2.75
50 Seeds £4.85
100 Seeds £9.00
250 Seeds £23.00
500 Seeds £44.00
1000 Seeds £80.00

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All seeds will be sent with planting instructions which can also be seen at the bottom of this page. 

Seed can be despatched worldwide (except Australia) but please be aware of any importing restrictions that your own country may have.
Pictured above are seeds from the 2012 collection

The ginkgo trees of St. Sulpice Lauriere where the seed was collected from.
This seed has been collected from what is generally regarded as the finest linear plantings of Ginkgo biloba in France. The trees were planted in 1864 and have grown into truly magnificent specimens. You can read all about the history of these trees here

The seed has been collected during late October and early November by myself and immediatly processed and cleaned. The seeds are well developed and viable and from my own experience capable of growing to a height of up to 20cm during their first year.

Sowing Instructions.

About three months before you intend to sow your seeds prepare a mixture of 4/5ths slightly moist peat (or peat free compost) and 1/5th moist sand.

Add the ginkgo seeds and mix together, put the whole lot in a plastic bag which should be lightly tied  labled, and dated to keep an accurate record of when the pretreatment was started. This then needs to be kept at around 15 celsius (59 fahrenheit) for approximatly four weeks.

During this time keep checking that the peat/sand mixture has not dried out or the treatment will be ineffective.

After four weeks place the bag in the fridge for approximatly two months. Inspect the seed regularly especially during the latter stages of this cold treatment because germination may start to occur. Any seeds that are germinating can be removed from the pretreatment medium and carefully planted into pots.

After the two month cold treatment has ended, sow the seeds into pots containing a free draining compost. Push the seeds about 1.5cm (just a shade over half an inch) into the compost, lightly cover with sand and firm only very gently. Keep them moist (but not wet) in a semi shaded warm place.

The seedlings usually appear in an erratic manner and can take up to around eight weeks to appear. Early growth is fairly rapid usually in the range of 15-25cm. Never let the roots dry out or leave them in standing water.

The seeds can also be spring sown (after the warm and cold pretreatments) outdoors in the garden. However watch out for the seed being taken by mice, squirrels, edible doormice etc. Germination is likely to be even more lengthy and erratic outdoors.

Have fun!
One of the magnificent female trees that my seed was
collected from in her stunning autumn colours.