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Monkey Puzzle (Araucaria araucana) Seed

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 Unfortunately the 2012 the Monkey Puzzle seed crop has been very low in seed numbers. Seed collection has been difficult and labour intensive and this years seed prices reflect these difficulties.
The prospects for the 2013 crop look much better :))

 I am now sold out of these seeds for the time being

 2012 Seed Crop Prices are as follows, 
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15 Seeds £5.90-Sold Out
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All seeds will be sent with full planting instructions which can also be seen at the bottom of this page. 

This is one of the female trees that the seeds
that are offered for sale have been harvested
from. The photo was taken in late March when
the cones that hold the seed were still
I have collected over 2000 beautiful seeds from an avenue of over 300 Monkey Puzzle (Araucaria Araucana) trees.  The trees are around 30 years of age and have only just begun to produce viable seed during the past few years. The trees are of exceptional vigour and are almost identical in shape and height. These trees are growing on a fairly thin acid soil that enjoys fairly hot summers (up to 40 celsius) and cold winters to below -20 celsius. Some years we have high rainfall and other years are very dry. The trees are therefore tolerant of a wide range of climatic extremes. These virile young trees have this year yeilded seeds of exceptional size and quality that have the capacity to grow into large healthy seedlings.  After collection in mid september the seeds were immediatly placed into cold storage. They are inspected weekly and are still as beautifully fresh and plump as the day they were collected.
All of the trees in the avenue that the seed was collected from are
amazingly consistant in height,shape and crown density.

Planting Instructions
On arrival the seed should either be sown immediatly or placed back into cold storage (a fridge is fine for this)

Seeds should be sown in containers of some kind to avoid disturbance the delicate root system. John Innes No2 is reputed to be very good for growing monkey puzzle trees although I have found that many other types of compost will give perfectly acceptable results.

The compost must be nicely damp rather than wet. Overly wet compost will cause the seeds to die and become rotten.

The compost should first be firmed and then the monkey puzzle seeds pushed into it vertically to between one third and half of their length. Planting them too deep usually causes them to become rotten

Place the seeds in a warm place between 20 and 30 celsius for optimum results. Germination should occur between 4-8 weeks.

Geminating seeds will start to push themselves up out of the compost. Often the developing shoot will get stuck inside the seed and you will have to gently pull it off with your fingers. Do not over water and never let the trees sit in a pool of standing water or they may die and turn brown.

Seed sown earlier in the year will produce a bigger seedling than seed sown later, generally reaching a height between 5 and 15 cm by the time growth ceases in the autumn. When potting on take great care to avoid root damage.